Yesseniky Mountains Holidays

The Jeseník Mountains are a mountain range in northern Moravia, divided into two groups known as the Hrubý (Hrubý) Jeseník (Nízký) Jeseník (Jeseník). In this case, “rough” means “high” or “massive.” Moravians use the word “rough” in common speech in this context as well, but it is less common in Bohemia, for example.

panoramatický pohled na Jeseníky

Pradjed and Figura Hotel

Pradjed is the highest peak in the Jeseniky Mountains, It is also the highest peak in the Moravian region. There is a transmitting station with a restaurant on the summit, which is a sort of record holder. Likewise, it is the highest restaurant in our country, just as the highest town in the Czech Republic is “God\’s Gift” in the Ore Mountains. It is open all year round, both summer and winter.

Year-round business is also common at Hotel Figura, another typical Hruby Jesenik location, which can be reached by car or on foot, preferably along the White Opava.

Karlova Studánka

For a day trip to the most famous area in Hruby Jesenik, Karlova Studánka should not be missed. From here, climb along the White Opava toward Praděd; in 1982, the legendary family film “The World is Fun with You” was filmed in Karlova Studánka, and actor Pavel Nový jumped off the balcony from here.

Bílá Opava

Bílá Opava

A walk along the white Opava River will recharge your energy. Go to the parking lot along Route 450 and then up along the river. You can take the yellow or blue path, the yellow path will take you directly along the cascading waterfalls, while the blue path will give you a better view. The yellow path ends at the Figura Hotel, while the blue path ends a little further on at the Barborka tourist hut. The White Opava route is recommended in the spring and fall when the weather is clear.