How can I pack fragile packages cheaply and well?

The best materials to pack in boxes are
1. crumpled up soft newspaper
2. plastic wrap, preferably twice, delicate parts more than once
3. plastic bags of all kinds, usually excellent throw away Material, but preferably clean
4. wood wool
5. waste paper from the cutter
6. styrofoam in any form
7. vegetable trays – washed styrofoam
8. extra cardboard boxes to reinforce the corners
9. egg cartons – excellent stuffing material. For example, if you don\’t want your packages to be too heavy
10. small sturdy boxes for various products. Great for filling space and lightening luggage.
lepenkové krabice

1. large plastic pockets filled with air. Often ruptures, causing the product to bounce around in the box and break.
2. stiff newspaper. Not always perfectly wrinkled, they can become loose over time and sharp edges can damage the surface and cut through air bubbles.
3. wet or dirty objects.
4. packaging soaked in cigarette smoke – some customers find this intolerable.
When choosing an appropriate box, preferably choose a multi-layered corrugated box. If the box is single-layered, most carriers will not accept our complaints.
The box should be large enough and the products should not touch the walls directly. The products should not even touch each other. Even though the products are wrapped in bubble wrap, we recommend packing as much newspaper as possible between each product or placing a Styrofoam tray between each product.
There should be no air pockets in the package. It must be packed thoroughly all the way to the top so that not a single mouse can get in.
dárek s dekorací
It is also very important to put a SQUIRREL sticker on the package. It is not necessary to buy stickers; downloaded images of various sizes, saved and printed on A4, will suffice.
The Czech post office does not allow such stickers, in which case large letters such as “SPEAK,” “WARNING GLASS,” or “DO NOT DROP” can be placed on the entire parcel. Preferably in bold black marker.
Good luck to those who are prepared! Goods packaged in this manner will always last longer.
And if they don\’t, they can still be returned successfully.