Make your own cleaning products at home!

When you do a big cleaning, you need to have the best cleaning products at home. However, it is not easy to find such things, nor is it easy to find the cheapest ones.čistící prostředky.jpgWith vinegar, you can say goodbye to many stains. Not only can it be used to remove lime stains from washing machines, but a drop of essential oil mixed with water will clean even the hardest-to-clean hardwood floors. Combine vinegar and orange peel for an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and just about anything else. Basically, combine vinegar with fabric softener or soap, and suddenly you have another great helper of your own making.čistící prostředky.jpg
Toothpaste is also great. You won\’t believe your eyes when you polish your white shoes or plastic phone covers. It\’s also good for women\’s acne and washing hands after gardening. It can fix broken screens and scratches on counters. If you cut vegetables without a cutting board, the knife may make a groove. Rub some toothpaste on that groove and you will immediately see the results.houby a rukavice.jpgYou need to keep baking soda on hand. Not just for baking. For dusting hair, scrubbing oven glass, joints, and window frames. It can also be used to bleach jewelry.
Baking soda mixed with vodka, tea tree oil, and a drop of essence is also welcome in the bathroom. The combination of soda and alcohol creates a chemical reaction that even eats dirt.houby a rukavice.jpg
To scent a room, infuse lavender in water. After a few hours, pour the extract into a spritzer and the scent is complete. Lavender has a calming effect, so it is recommended to spray it on your pillow before going to bed. In the morning you will find that you are rested and free from stress.
All housewives welcome help with cleaning. And if you can use the ingredients you normally use for cooking and baking, so much the better.