How much do you sell?

When a civilian produces something or operates some service, he shall not live on the income from these activities he shall also worry about the money he earns. But for ignorant people, especially simple employees, it may seem enviable to be able to determine for myself how much I get for my work.
cedulky s cenou
So try to guess how much to ask for this or that!
Of course, logic dictates that you ask for as much money as possible. But with such logic, entrepreneurs can not survive so long. It is enough to exaggerate the price, lose customers and lose future income and prospects.
So should you ask for a little? But he supports himself and perhaps his employees, pays operating expenses and depreciation, repays loans and taxes, and always comes with exorbitant demands, as well as threatening ruin with alms that he temporarily stops doing well.
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So you need to find the golden mean. But where exactly does this lead?
To find this golden meaning, this is a very responsible and demanding activity, it\’s not just that. How much should you take into account!
As points out, it is necessary to estimate demand, which implies the most detailed examination of the market situation, and to know the competition faced by such entrepreneurs and what it wants to achieve in the short and long term, the cost of its business activities.
It is necessary to analyze how much production costs and additional charges to add to this.You need to know what benefits you can achieve.You need to estimate how attractive the product is to customers and how much they can afford and want to pay.It is necessary to take into account the image of the company, the structure of demand, etc.
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It is also recommended to see how much the competition sells, determine the price in the form of an auction or envelope method.
Therefore, it is not at all easy for an entrepreneur to decide how much to charge for his work. He practically has a freehand, but he can put this into the fictitious fire of the company and easily burn himself. No one can envy such entrepreneurs.