How to choose the right place and timing for your engagement?

More or less every woman reaches a stage in her life where she is ready for marriage. Often, they reach that stage when they are in a long-term happy relationship or when they know they are going to have children. However, there are women who have reached a certain age but unfortunately have not yet found their prince charming. If you are this type, do not despair! Surely one day, at the right time, the right person will appear.
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You keep telling yourself that you are ready, but he never speaks those words? Why is it taking so long? Is he afraid of a serious relationship? Or is he waiting for the right time and place? Ladies, have you ever imagined a proposal from a man\’s point of view? For the two of you, it is definitely, but for the man, it must also be stressful in its own way. The size and number of diamonds, of course, but also the permission of the bride-to-be\’s father and the right choice of rings. And the final conclusion is whether or not his girlfriend will say “yes” to him!
Proper Timing
As for timing, there is no fixed time. The two of you have to sense it together. Some people are ready for marriage within a few months of dating, while others take several years. Therefore, it is advisable not to rush into marriage, but to wait a while. Therefore, it is not so important when to get married; the most important thing is to make it last as long as possible.
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Choose the right place
In addition to timing, choosing the right place to propose is also important. It should be a place that is meaningful to both of you. For example, the location of their first meeting, first date, or first kiss. These days, a beach vacation is also a great place to propose. Imagine. A walk on the sand, a sunset, the sound of the ocean, what more could you ask for?
However, this option is only recommended if you have already spent several such vacations together. Vacations are primarily for relaxation, but they are also fertile ground for arguments. Be careful!