Navigation – an indispensable helper

Perhaps you have lost your way somewhere. Nowadays, with a navigation system, you may not have to go through all that trouble. Whether you are driving or walking, it will surely take you to your destination. It is sure to be useful not only in the Czech Republic but also when traveling abroad.
navigace v autě
Car Navigation
1. External – This navigation can be purchased separately for your car and can easily be moved between multiple cars. It can also be taken with you when you leave your car so it cannot be stolen by thieves. Another advantage is that it does not block the radio and can be placed wherever it is needed. Map updates are easy and can be exchanged for other more recent models. The price range is usually lower than that of a built-in navigation system.
kompas na mapě
2. Built-in – This is already built into the dashboard of the car. Much more elegant in appearance, although it is difficult to switch between map and radio display. However, one can simply follow the navigation built into the dashboard. Updating the map is more complicated here and can only be done by the car manufacturer. Nor can they be exchanged for other models.

If you like to travel or hike on foot, satellite navigation will definitely help you. It will easily guide you to your destination without getting lost. An external car navigation system can easily serve this purpose. It will show you points of interest and destinations on foot. Today, however, we can always carry navigation software with us, such as a cell phone or tablet. These offer multiple solutions, additional features, and multiple navigation programs on one device.
mapa v tabletu
The Indispensable Helper
Whenever you decide to travel, whether by car or on foot, be sure to carry this essential helper. Navigation will not only get you to your destination, but it will also help you find places to park, gas stations to fill up, restaurants for lunch, and many forgotten alleys that you might not otherwise reach. It also helps to avoid traffic jams and unpleasant situations along the way.