How to make ends meet on a small salary

Few people can say they are completely free of money. However, it is easy to reduce financial stress by following a few simple principles.


There are many mobile apps and computer programs available these days to manage one\’s finances. Download a few and try to keep an honest record of all the money you spend. Then, after a while, evaluate them. In which categories do you spend the most? Are there any items you can omit?


Know what items are on sale and when. Check to see if non-perishable items are on sale. Don\’t be fooled by the tricks of the chain stores; buy bigger and better value packs. Plan ahead for clothing and electronics purchases and look for cheaper prices. Buy winter clothing in the off-season. Planning ahead may take some effort, but it will save you big.

3. It is not only banks that can help
When it comes to borrowing money, you do not have to rely only on banks with strict rules. After careful consideration, you can also turn to non-banks.34]


4. Getting a mortgage or investing in your business dreams is easier than ever.
Surveys show that the majority of Czechs cannot cope with an unexpected expense of 10,000 kroner. However, a broken refrigerator or a toothache should not upset the entire household budget. So try to save something every month so you don\’t have to worry.

5. Know what you really need[51]
Large-screen plasma TVs offer a beautiful movie experience. But think about it, are you really a movie buff, or are you just excited for a moment to watch TV at your neighbor\’s house? If you don\’t really like movie theaters, you don\’t need to spend the money for a premium if you don\’t really like napping in front of the TV in the evening after a day\’s work. Apply this mindset to your other purchases and your spending will certainly decrease. Within the bounds of common sense.