How to save money and not go crazy

Mental pressure on the subconscious

The reason is quite simple: who wouldn\’t be impressed by a big yellow sign that saysDISCOUNT or TRULY LOW PRICE. Next to be touted are promotions ranging from2+1 FREE to -20%to double the size packages. However, merchants do not want us to save money when we shop for their own benefit; on the contrary, they want to make as much profit as possible. On the contrary, they want to make as much profit as possible. After all, it is more profitable to buy a discounted item than one that is not on sale. What if you suddenly need something? It\’s on sale! Besides, since you buy by the kilo, you can spread sugar all over the square for nine crowns!
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Tips to prevent yourself

It\’s hard to resist these marketing tactics, but you can at least eliminate their influence. How? Shopping Lists
Writing a shopping list creates a sense of responsibility. Since you know 100% of what you want, “But what if I need it?”

Minimum Money
Take only as much money as you need for shopping. Estimate at home how much you will pay for milk, flour, and sugar, and bring that amount in a small purse. Nothing is easier than this, because you will not have extra money in your wallet.
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Male help
Last, but perhaps most viable, is to shop the rough sex. Men (with the exception of gays) hate shopping, so 100% of the time they just go get what they are instructed to get. Flour? They take flour. Butter? They buy butter. And since they always forget something, its quite possible to go buy some things 3 times, but you can save. Of course.