Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

Mosquitoes are one of the most hated species in the world. And rightly so. Not only do they make an unpleasant flying noise that keeps us awake, but they also suck blood, making us itchy after a bite. The fact that they carry all kinds of diseases is just icing on the cake. Wouldn\’t it be better to eradicate them once and for all? After all, we have done it to less harmful species.

The situation is actually more complicated than it may seem at first glance. To understand it, one must learn about the life cycle of a squeaking mate.

komáří samička sající krev

They begin life as predatory water nymphs. This is why adults are often found near water. In any case, these nymphs not only hunt, but also feed on certain fish and other aquatic animals. Thus, they are an important part of the food chain.

Once the mosquito pupates and becomes an adult, it leaves the water. They immediately begin mating and the female lays eggs in the water. This cycle repeats itself. However, it is the adult mosquito that shows interesting sexual dimorphism.

hejno komárů nad květinami

Males suck nectar from flowers, while females drink blood. This is not without purpose, of course, as they need more nourishment to develop their eggs and to ensure that the hatched eggs will develop into healthy, robust individuals with the best chance of survival. But while the female literally drinks our blood, the male acts as a very important pollinator. And we know that pollinators are dwindling, mainly due to the use of pesticides in our fields and gardens.

But that is not all. Mosquitoes also feed on many insectivorous plants, especially birds. Drunken females, in particular, are extremely valuable prey. Thanks to mosquitoes, birds also get enough nutrition to raise healthy and strong offspring.

Thus, although we may not like it, mosquitoes play an irreplaceable role in nature. And it will never be a positive one.