I want to develop myself, graduating high school is not enough.

Many young people are already faced with an important decision in elementary school: which high school to choose. Some are clear, some are determined, some have a choice. Some follow in their parents\’ footsteps, some choose without much thought, and some choose carefully. But for many, high school is not the end of the road. Some want to extend their youth and do not want to work, while others must continue their secondary education. How to choose the right college? With so many colleges and universities out there, we can choose a more organized one by following a few rules.
znamení myšlenky
But first, ask yourself a few questions and answer them with yes/no
– Do you know what you want to do as a career?
– Do you know what kind of education you need in order to do well and excel in that profession?
– Do you know the technical schools in your chosen field?
Did you answer YES to all of in
? Then you are one of the lucky ones who almost have your next step set. And if you prepare well, you may be able to pass the exam and get closer to your goal.
Are you hesitant with questions or unsure of what your steps should be? Don\’t despair.
pastelka v puse
Take a look at some tips that may help you navigate between colleges and majors.
Orientation is easy if you know what you want to do. You could concentrate on the field in which you finished high school, but you may not know which field is right for you. In that case, the job market will help. Find out what positions are open and what employers are looking for.
If you are still undecided, or if you are convinced that the major you are studying in high school is not what you envisioned when you chose it in elementary school, you have the option of attending college fairs. There is the Post-Secondary and Lifelong Learning Fair, known as Gaudeamus. It is held annually in Prague and Brno. Prague hosts the Public University Fair and Ostrava hosts the University Abroad Fair – Dream Big.
These fairs will open your eyes and show you all the possibilities. The rest is up to you.