Interesting Science

Do you remember your first book? It was very big and had a lot of pictures in it. I really liked books, so my mother bought it for me. In the end, there were about 30 books in the house; for some people 30 books is not enough, for others it is too many. But for a girl of about 7 years old, 30 books must have been a lot. I, too, loved to read. I had the advantage of being able to read early; by the time I was five I could read. I was very fluent. Do you know what kind of books I was very interested in? Of course, books about animals and science. I wanted to be a scientist. But my neighbor was also very interested in science, especially scientific discovery.

I děti rády vědu.

So since childhood I was very close to my neighbor. Do you know why? Because she also had a lot of books at home that interested me. She had science books for children and encyclopedias. Science books. So I liked to go to see her and my mother used to go there and have coffee with her. And I was always in the chair next to her looking at her books. The one I liked best was the science encyclopedia, and it was about the constellations. Did you ever get interested in the constellations?

Pokrok vědy je velký.

How do stars form, why are there planets, why are there so many? No one knows that. Scientists talk and write about it a lot, but I think we still can\’t be sure of anything. No one has studied the entire universe, no one has been to every planet. So science is what we believe. I think science is different from what we know about science. We can think about science, but we can also think about science. Because not everything we see or hear is true. Even what we surely consider holy and true can sometimes be false. It is better to trust our own intuition than the intuition of others. Believe, not doubt. Besides, science is never enough, and everyone here can make their own scientific decisions.