Sex during Pregnancy – what is it like?

Pregnancy – every woman is looking forward to it and knows how to change her life from scratch. But the reality shows them only if they are really pregnant, and thanks to this they will know what is so great about her or, conversely, what is. However, the controversial topic of sex during pregnancy frightens all women who are planning a baby.Many superstitions and scarecrows revolve around him, but the truth is that there is nothing to fear.
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Lies and Facts About Belly Sex

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may not even think about sex. This can be the result of your body starting to change, and in the first few weeks you will experience problems such as headaches, lower abdominal pressure, vomiting or diarrhea. This is only a temporary period, but if it is, you will absolutely not enjoy sex during it.
Around four months, your health could improve considerably and you\’ll feel physically at your best. The tummy is still invisible, so you and your partner can enjoy the moment.You probably won\’t notice any changes that could prevent you from using it to the fullest. [18**What can hold you back and limit you is the idea that you are no longer two, but three.However, this is a psychological problem that has nothing to do with sex itself, and has nothing to do with it.
You may experience your greatest fear in the last trimester when your tummy becomes noticeably curled up and you will not be able to choose too many from the positions you use during sex. The biggest nonsense you should not be guided by is that your baby will feel some pain or discomfort during intimate intercourse.It\’s only superstition, and vice versa – you won\’t hurt him by having sex with your partner.
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• The most convenient (but not so qualitative) position for you to avoid putting pressure on your stomach, where you have to restrain yourself in only 1, maybe 2 positions, which may not allow you to experience it as before, is from the back or side.

You have no taste for it?

It may be your hormones that are responsible for not wanting to have sex or not feeling well. And in addition to the fact that the weight with the baby turns into an endless struggle with daily exertion and fatigue, it is understandable that you just feel the need to rest in the evening and want to free him from your life for a while.
If this is already the case, do not despair, nothing will happen, and you will enjoy the experience again after the birth of your baby, it will be you again and you will be only 2 to it again.