Just to appear anonymous

The Internet appears to be an anonymous world where anything is allowed and there are no rules at all. But it is not. The Internet world also has rules. For example, there are the following rules regarding data protection and copyright infringement.
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Privacy– Imagine, for example, a situation where you post a photo on your Facebook profile of a friend whose photo you have no interest in publishing. You realize that you must obtain each person\’s consent in order to publish the photo. Alternatively, that person might sue you. Those who are not shy about cyberbullying in its various forms should be especially aware of this. Anonymity is only apparent, and anyone can be tracked in the Internet world.
Copyright infringement– is also a very common phenomenon. For example, many people who write their own blogs like to use pictures from the Internet to bring them to life. Nothing is easier than typing in their requirements on Google and tens of thousands of photos are generated. In most cases, these people rely on anonymity, and there is zero chance that the author of the photo will find out that someone has misused their “work”. But don\’t be fooled. Authors will always find their work. This applies to photos, videos, illustrations, and texts. We really should not underestimate them.
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