Swype keyboard, or faster and easier typing

Swype Keyboard\’s over 200 million users say it all. What makes it so popular and why is it so popular?The Swype keyboard is an alternative keyboard with some interesting features and gadgets. You may have to get used to the unique typing at first, but you will be typing faster in no time. It literally makes typing addictive.
klávesnice a chytrý telefon

How do you do it?

For the unskilled user, setup can be a bit complicated. However, the good news is that once the keyboard is installed, even inexperienced or elderly users can handle it, since everything is in English. The instructions, written in English, will guide you through all the settings. The keyboard can be used on tablets as well as smartphones; the Swype app also allows voice input. It should be noted, however, that Czech speech recognition is not the most reliable. Therefore, typing is much faster, better, and above all, easier option. The keyboard comes with a Czech dictionary. Without it, of course, the keyboard would not function effectively.

Typing on a Swype keyboard, or getting started

With this interactive keyboard, you swipe rather than type as you would on a regular mobile keyboard. Following the stroke path on the keyboard, the app calculates the letters you wanted to type. It then compares everything to a dictionary and provides the most likely words based on this complex online procedure. It is not always a sure hit. So three more suggestions are displayed in the top bar. Swiping further to the side will show even more word suggestions.

chytrý telefon a tablet
Swype and more interesting uses

One useful thing is the automatic insertion of spaces between words. Another is the input of diacritics. A period can be inserted by simply pressing the space bar twice; although the vocabulary on the Swype keyboard is extensive, it is necessary to add words unfamiliar to Swype to the dictionary. At first, this process is tedious and requires stamina and patience. Over time, as you add the words you need, your typing will become as fast as jet speed and, most importantly, more fun.