Let’s learn how to use wine glasses properly!

There are countless shapes and designs of wine glasses on the market, but know that there is no such thing as a glass.Choosing the right glass can make a huge difference in the quality of the wine you serve.

First and foremost, one should focus on the ingredients. Sommeliers recommend good quality, clear glasses , preferably crystal. The glass should be thin and not too ornate. There are various disposable plastic alternatives, but believe me, they do not allow you to enjoy the wine.
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There is a reason for the various sizes and shapes of glasses that are specifically designed for certain types of wine. 17]

White wine

White wine glasses are often shaped like a tulip, and white wine glasses are often shaped like a tulip. The ideal glass capacity for white wine is 150-400 ml ,but unless it is a special Burgundy-type wine, a capacity of up to 500 ml is used and the glass is more balloon-shaped


Red Wine

Red wines tend to be more aromatic, so a larger glass is needed to bring out the aromas fully. It is also important to fill the balloon-shaped glassonly about one-third full of the wine, so that the contents can be gently stirred and the wine aerated. The volumeshould be between 300 and 700 ml.

Sparkling wine

Bowl-shaped glasses used to be recommended for sparkling wine, but are slowly becoming obsolete. More recently, the use of fluted glasses has been recommended. Fluted glasses are tall, elongated cups that do not evaporate carbon dioxide quickly, but instead allow for a slow, gradual release of bubbles, so-called bubbling. However, authentic Champagne requires special glasses, and sommeliers recommend tulip-shaped glasses,
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while the fluted glass is more suitable for the more sophisticated Champagne.
sklenice na bílé a červené víno

Dessert wines

So-called liqueur wines and dessert wines, such as port and sherry, require smaller glasses,usually between 100 and 190 ml. The glasses are tulip-shaped and are usually made of glass glassware.