Let’s take an example from our grandmothers

Taking care of the household sometimes gives women a hard time. We can not be surprised that they welcome ideas to simplify the work or save some crowns. We should take an example from our grandmother. Women\’s advice should be used even today. Some are so simple, yet effective. Did you know that adding an apple to a bag of potatoes does not germinate, or rubbing the grater with oil, the cheese does not stick when grated?
hřeben se musí čas od času vyčistit
It may annoy you if the cutting board runs off the line when you are tapping on the meat. Perfectly it is enough to support it with an ordinary paper towel. If you want to whip whipped cream, but do not have a suitable container at hand, replace it with a jar. This is a temporary solution, but will be appreciated in case of emergency. The sight of a dirty comb is not attractive at all. What would be the advice from our grandmothers? Clean the comb with an old toothbrush soaked in ammonia. It is necessary to be careful, but after that you need to wash the comb well.
Not only grandmothers, but also modern women today invent home improvement. Often we are faced with dirty microwave ovens. Foods that stain the walls of the microwave when heated are usually very stubborn and greasy. To clean it we can, but use absolutely natural means. Put a little vinegar or lemon in a bowl with hot water. Put it in the oven and let it run for half an hour. You will see that you wipe off the stain with a simple napkin. Even if you clean it with lemon, the smell of the microwave does not change.
čistá kuchyň je základ vaření
When watering a flower, it confuses you when you always have a tray painted with soil leaking under it. At the bottom of the pot, put a filter from the coffee machine to prevent contamination of the tray and capture the soil.
Many people sweat their feet. Maybe you need to leave, and you do not have deodorant in your shoes at home.Empty your shoes and let it work at least overnight. Salt will replace your deodorant and your shoes will stop the smell.