Make Shopping Fun

Going shopping for clothes may indeed be fun because you get something new. But when it comes to groceries, i.e., finding food for the whole family every day, sometimes it can be really tiring. The household always lacks something that needs to be bought urgently.nakupování rovnou do tašky je rychlé a zábavné

Nowadays, most people will get in their car and go right to the nearest supermarket. While they can still pick up items from the shelves relatively quickly, what is worse are the lines at the checkout counter. Especially when there are only a few food items in the basket and you have to waste a lot of time before your turn comes. But is it really necessary to do so?

Fortunately, not now. Because there are already supermarkets where self-service shopping is the norm and we hope that over time this will spread to all stores. For those who want to turn an annoying shopping experience into an enjoyable one, nothing is easier than in-store self-service.

Scanners save time and nerves


After putting the items in the shopping basket, you have to settle and pay at the checkout belt, then transfer them back to the basket and then to the bag. After standing in long lines, another unnecessary task,

wasting a lot of time!

When shopping at a scanner, there is only a basket for the bags,and you put the groceries you have selected directly into it. You do the same thing as the cashier: scan the codefor each food item, but do it continuously;with a borrowed handheld device in front of you, you can see a summary of the specific item you purchased,you can always see a summaryof how much you just spent, and most most importantly, the itemin the bagis correct!skenovat zboží není nic složitého

You can then retrieve your purchases at the special checkout and pay with card or cash as you wish. This eliminates unpleasant arguments with the cashier about how little cash you have or why you were charged a different price than you paid.