Nobel Prize in Economics to Trio of Scientists

The trio has been working for 20 years on approaches that lead to global poverty reduction, primarily through science-based, field-based empirical methods.
The issue of poverty is a very important and debated issue in every country, whether developed or developing. Trinity has focused on the fight against poverty by proposing subquestions that are further broken down into more specific questions that are easier to find answers to. Thus, it has avoided incomplete and overly general theories that are very difficult to find answers to.nepřístojné bydlení
Their work has not only helped those affected by poverty, but has also changed the way poverty and its solutions are approached by public and private organizations. At the same time, it should be emphasized that everything has become more efficient in terms of project costs. Thanks to sub-issues, problems and dysfunctions can be detected at an early stage, avoiding the negative effects of large projects
. She is a true role model and inspiration for young scientists.děti zasaženy chudobou
Michal Bauer of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic commented on the award, praising the approach they invented as truly original. He used the example of a microloan to illustrate how it works, allowing one to measure exactly what the loan was used for and how it affected the family\’s economy. Whether the children have started school, whether the project has affected the social situation of the individual and others, and so on. Such information is absolutely essential for the evaluation of the project in question. For example, Michal Bauer and her colleague Julia Chytilova are working on an experiment in a developing country that shows that a particular educational intervention in a target area contributes to the education of the population in that area. Michal Kremer initiated this intervention 20 years ago, and Michal Bauer is currently working on a large-scale measurement of its impact.