Not only for children, but also for adults

For example, did you know that if you soak food coloring or colored tempera in spring, the color will lighten and dissolve? You can try this interesting experiment with your children. The experiment is very simple and safe. Only a few ingredients are needed for this experiment, which are commonly found in every household. The first ingredient is semi-skimmed milk, then you need a skewer, a cotton swab or toothpick, a deep dish or bowl, and finally a standard dish degreaser (such as a bottle). Dip the toothpick or cotton swab into the spring and place the tip coated with the degreaser against the food coloring. You will see the food coloring move away from the cotton swab and start to move from side to side. By experimenting, you can create stains of different color combinations.

You may wonder why paints fear degreaser, but the explanation is quite simple. It is because milk contains fats and oils, and as we know, degreasers are there to degrease or cleanse the fats and oils. So, pull the milk to the side and, thanks to the color, you can observe this beautiful scientific experiment for yourself.

svítící žárovka

You can also try the second experiment. It is just as simple as the previous experiment and may appeal to children. [In this experiment, potato starch can be made. Potato starch is used, for example, to thicken food or as a glue in art.

For this experiment, you will need two large potatoes, a bowl, a grater, a jar, a plate, and a strainer. [After the potatoes are finely grated, squeeze out all the juice and form mashed potatoes into a ball. Pour all the juice from the potatoes into the prepared bowl.

Then pour the juice into a glass and wait about an hour until the starch settles to the bottom. Carefully strain and scoop out the starch that has settled to the bottom with a spoon. Now it is ready to serve.

Children get very excited about these experiments and will have hours of fun.