Career – what to do

The first possible career choice comes around the age of 15, when the child chooses secondary school (or grammar school or apprenticeship school). However, if they cannot decide at all, they may choose grammar school, in which case specialization is postponed. However, grammar schools are not suitable for everyone, and furthermore, even if they graduate from grammar school, they will probably not have any professional experience, so they will have to go to college, even if they do not want to. The next decision will be to go to a technical school or university, where you will consider not only a master\’s degree, but also various courses, a second bachelor\’s degree, and employment. How can you make sure you make the right decision every time so you don\’t regret it later?

výběr životní cesty

First, it is important to realize what you enjoy and what you do in your free time. If you are really good at a particular activity and want to continue it, you can choose a school related to your interests in your career path.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses – if you are really good at something, you may want to go in that direction in your career path. On the other hand, if you know that you are not really good at something and, as is often said, “cell-less,” then you should not choose that field.

Various personality tests can be of great help. Thanks to them, you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses, how you relate to people, how you perceive the world, what you focus on, and how you work.

vybírání životopisů

For example, the MBTI test, which is based on Jung\’s teachings and was developed by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, has high predictive value. Terms such as introversion and extroversion, sensation and intuition, feeling and logical reasoning, organization and chaos appear. That is, whether one is introverted or extroverted in one\’s dealings with people, whether one values intuition or requires strict facts, whether one is governed by emotion or cold logic, whether one prefers organization or chaos, and so on.

Another useful test is the Enneagram test. This typology focuses on revealing what you see as the meaning of life, under what conditions you believe people like you, and what is important to you.