Saving Tips

Save with an Envelope
The so-called envelope method has been around for quite some time. The most effective would be to prepare multiple envelopes. I have found it most effective to prepare multiple envelopes, title them, for example, “Christmas, car, washing machine, holidays, etc.” and put the money in them. and titling them “Christmas,” and putting the money in them. Of course, you could vary the amount of money you put in each envelope, or you could put any amount you like in all the envelopes, whether it is $100 or $200 each month. Or you can simply have one envelope and put one yen in it each month for your doomed uncle.
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Putting coins in a cup kalkulačka na eurech.
Another option is to put coins in mugs, piggy banks, or anything else you like. It is best to place all coins, including metal 50-yen coins. But a crown, two crowns, or even five crowns will suffice. It will slow down your savings, but it won\’t go to waste. What has worked best for me is to empty all the coins in my wallet every day.
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If you have a dreamy goal, such as buying a new car or laptop, do not spend money on unnecessary things. The best way to do this is to carefully record what you spend throughout the month in Excel or a notebook, for example. At the end of the month, you can look at your records with peace of mind
Then, itemize your purchases. Suddenly, you know how much you actually spent on cupcakes, cakes, and snacks, and how much you could have saved by doing so. This is because these are exactly the things you don\’t really need to live on.

Don\’t buy unnecessary things
As mentioned above, humans are materialistic creatures and also like to indulge in various pleasures. Coffee, snacks, fast food, magazines and similar unnecessary things. If you have real goals and want to save money for them, it is best to allow yourself these luxuries for a while; you will be surprised how much you can save in a month.
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Buy your groceries online [24].
Every time we go to the store, we buy far more than we originally wanted. And that\’s because there are all kinds of marketing tricks stores like to use. Magic words like “discount, sale, bargain” act like magnets, and we buy more food just because it\’s on sale, even though we don\’t really need it. So recently I discovered the magic of online shopping for groceries. Whenever I have time, I can just throw what I just used up at home into my shopping cart and not buy anything extra. I don\’t have time to go back to the grocery store because then I have to go back to looking for discounted items and snacks, which I usually don\’t have time for. In addition, they bring the groceries to my apartment, so I don\’t have to do the heavy lifting. Some may argue that the shipping cost is high, but it is usually between 30 and 50 kronor. If the goods are sold in a store, it should be more expensive.