Submarine Man

Today\’s submarines are very different from the original submarines. Centuries ago, building materials were usually wood, powered by human energy.
The submarine is a special ship, which will help you to travel deep under the water and explore life in the underwater forest. In addition, they are used by the Navy for military and war purposes or for rescue operations. Military submarines usually have the shape of a cigar, and if they are floating on the surface of the water, only the tower or the upper deck protrudes from the water.
Today, there are also tourist submarines to explore the underwater world.
Ponorka Alvin

Immersion and disembarkation

The submarine sinks thanks to a special load room. These are reservoirs that are filled with water when the ship is submerged – here Archimedes\’ law is used. When it appears, compressed air is pushed into the chamber, gradually the water is pushed out, the weight of the submarine decreases and begins to rise to the surface. The solid steel ball cab protects the crew from external pressure.
Vojenská ponorka

What drives the submarine?

Propellers are used to propel modern submarines. The engine is used to rotate the ship\’s propellers; these can be diesel or atomic-powered; at other times, only electric accumulators are used. Submarines in World War II were often equipped with diesel engines.
Nuclear submarines are very expensive, but submarines do not have to surface as often as when using an internal combustion engine that consumes oxygen quickly.

Basic equipment for military submarines

When the crew needs to know what is happening on the surface, they use a device called a periscope. The equipment of military submarines includes torpedoes (underwater missiles) and missiles, which can sink enemy ships.
Germany used submarines to shoot down enemy fleets in both world wars.  In 1915, the Germans sank the private steamer Lusitania in this way, and this was one of the reasons why the Americans entered the First World War 1. World War II.

Types of military submarines

  • Patrol: Controls the coast and territorial waters of their states
  • Missile mounted: Equipped with a nuclear warhead.
  • Attack: Seek out foreign missile submarines and destroy enemy ships

The one where the deepest dive was recorded.

In 1960, the Trieste II Batis Scarf with a manned crew plunged to a depth of 11 kilometers into the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean to explore the lowest point on the Earth\’s surface. Diving to this depth took 5 hours.
There are submarines that are used only for reconnaissance purposes or for scientific research – for example, at depths that are no longer suitable for divers. In 1986, a small 3-seater submarine Alvin used a robot to explore the interior of the wreck of the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. To date, she has done almost 5000 dives.

Diving suits

Divers sometimes use special spacesuits, which look like single-seater submarines, but have sleeves with some kind of claws. The diver controls this claw from the inside, and thanks to this, he is able to carry out several other tasks, lifting various objects under the surface or even at the bottom of the sea.