Why is shampoo bad?

Most shampoos, especially conditioners, contain silicone. Silicones give hair shine and untangle hair.
However, silicones can be water-soluble or non-water-soluble. Both are used in hair cosmetics. Water-soluble ones leave the hair over time, while insoluble ones do not.
The problem is that silicones coat the hair over time. The hair begins to dry out, loses its shine, and starts to break. This only becomes apparent after a long time, usually too late.
zdravé vlasy
Another thing is that many people wash their hair every other day. This disturbs the pH of the scalp and makes the hair dry and greasy. Here is why you should not shampoo:


Keep in mind “no-poo”

No-poo is short for the English no-shampoo:.It was started by people who abandoned chemical hair products and replaced them with more natural ones.
Baking soda
Baking soda can be used directly to wash hair. It gives volume to the hair and absorbs oil. You need to mix the concentrate in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of baking soda: 1 cup of water. When it becomes a slurry, add water to make a white liquid.
Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the ends of the hair. Apply a little at a time along the length of the hair, massaging it in. Then rinse with clean water.
Note: Baking soda dries it out a bit, causing dandruff, which many people suffer from.
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Apple cider vinegar
Soda removes grease and smoothes hair, but it still needs shine. Apple cider vinegar conditioner gives it that. The mixture is the same: 1 teaspoon vinegar: 1 cup water. Again, spray onto hair, massage, and rinse with water.
Homemade honey or lemon juice may be added. The lemon will be appreciated by owners of fine hair, as it adds vitamin C to the hair, making it stronger and rougher to the touch.
Alternative method: plain water
Some people do not like baking soda, perhaps because of the quantity, while others are bothered by the strong smelling vinegar. However, only plain water should be used to wash hair.
It is true that the transition from shampoo to the no-poo method can be slow, greasy, and uncomfortable. But the end result is similar.