They like pomegranate.

The old name of the pomegranate treeis called pomegranate apricot. The pomegranate treeis a small tree that grows mainly in the Mediterranean. PomegranateItself is a large berry of 12 centimeters with an interesting internal structure of the seeds and a slightly rounded hexagonal shape.

It has a hard and thick skin, hiding 6-12 bushes. They include sweet and sour red, white or pink jelly-like berries with seeds.
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What is included in pomegranate

· Water
· Calcium
· lynn.
· Iron
· Magnesium
· Sodium
* Potassium
· Sugar
· Organic acids such as citric acid
Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and C
· Vitamin A as a provitamin
· Essential and non-essential amino acids
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The pomegranate peel itself, along with its inner flesh, has a high content of astringent substances with bitterness and bitterness, such as tannic acid. This acid acts against diarrhea. The edible part of pomegranate is quite laxative.

In addition, apples contain the following substances:
polyphenol substances

Due to the content of magnesium, potassium and sodium, pomegranate juice is suitable for hardworking people and athletes. Also, those who work in the heat or suffer from feverish diseases.Various cocktails and juices are made from this beneficial juice.

The drink that is prepared from pomegranate is, for example, the well-known Oriental soft drinksorbet. Grenadine syrup is also very well known and popularand is used in many cocktails and cold dishesmaking various salads.It can be used primarily for cookingfor poultry, grilled meat and fish. In Asia, it is also used as a spice.

Seeds and leaves also heal
Nucleoli along with pomegranate leaves contain itoestrogens that affect the health of blood vessels, skin etc.