When things go wrong,

·Do not panic
This mistake is mainly made by newcomers to the field. As soon as there is a slight deviation, they begin to be scared and make decisions that are not thought to have been carefully thought out under other circumstances. But seasonality is not only a matter of ski resorts, but also, on the contrary, a summer resort, which concerns virtually all industries. If you start your business at the beginning of the season, it is only logical that sales will go down after a while. This is not a cause for concern, but it\’s good to count on it when planning an investment, for example. If you\’re not sure if there\’s anything unusual about your slump, look at the competition. Your sales will not be kept secret, but you will certainly get a basic picture.
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·Finding the Cause
If the reason for your slump is not a normal market slump, it\’s time to start looking for the reason. Start with why you did well in the first place. You have introduced a new, working concept to the market. That way, it certainly won\’t take long for someone to start imitating you, and unfortunately, it\’s inevitable that some of your customers will overtake you. Or it could have been more profitable than the existing offer. And what if she changes. Or have you recently changed the procedure, recipe, how to sell, etc., but the consumer did not accept it well. Consider a return to proven or another innovation. Again, the worst thing you can do is rush to try everything possible and impossible. On the other hand, of course, the solution is not to do anything.
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·Once you know what the problem is, it\’s time to answer it. If someone copies and offers your concept, try to figure out how to reach your potential consumers differently. Maybe a new market segment. Or a new target group. All this can help you to match the score. If the problem is in a failed upgrade. It is possible to return to best practices, or changes that approach the original product. Sometimes people need a little time to get used to controversial changes. For example, try a poll on social networks, it is an easy way to find out what people are thinking.