For too long we have become accustomed to having a functioning health care system. If something is missing, we can go to a general practitioner or a specialist, or lie in a hospital. Sometimes it is difficult to find a doctor, and not everything is free, but we have become accustomed to doctors automatically helping us whenever they can. If not doctors, at least emergency room doctors do.

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We no longer realize how fortunate we are. How wonderful that they never give up on us. How many people in the world cannot afford such medical care. Perhaps they cannot afford medical care in their own countries, or it is so out of reach that they must pay for it out of their own pockets.
In our country, we can receive the services we need and the things we need (sometimes even supplies), tentatively, for free. Because we are not paying for them. We do pay for them, but it is in the form of health insurance, which covers the essentials. And we don\’t like having to pay extra for many things. We have insurance

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but our insurance is not enough for everything we might need. So we have to pay extra. Sometimes it is because the money that would be devoted to important care does not pay for things that are consumables, things that may be appropriate but are luxuries, and sometimes it is because we ourselves have to decide whether some of the care for our healthis worth it, whether it is unnecessary, whether it is not enough for more important tasks. Sometimes it is because we should think more carefully about whether some of the care for our healthis deserved, whether it is unnecessary, and whether it is just an unnecessary burden on those who cannot devote enough time to more important tasks.
But in any case, we often take advantage of the work of health professionals unnecessarily. After all, it costs us (almost) nothing. And this is something our health care system has suffered from for a long time. And we must get out of this suffering as quickly as possible. Because the longer it takes, the worse the outcome could be. As long as everything goes well, we will not harm the patient.