What to wear to the beach?

It\’s that time of year when many people are already looking around for a place to spend their summer vacation. If you have decided to go to the beach or the ocean, you should not underestimate the importance of preparing the clothes you will wear by the water. So, what do you need and what can you not give up for the day?
klobouk a pantofle na pláži

. .1 Swimming is basic

What would you do on a beach holiday without a bikini? It is impossible to have a seaside vacation without wearing a bikini. If you decide to be by the water in a really hot area, you should pack your suitcase with swimsuits first and foremost.
-This applies to both men and women, alternating in terms of design and the desire to show off your new swimsuit.
But don\’t turn down the opportunity to pack (or buy) a one-piece swimsuit in addition to a two-piece swimsuit.They are ideal for all water sports, not just scuba diving. And nothing comes out of it!

. .2 Accessories

If you forget an essential item like goggles at home, get them right away at the earliest opportunity. They will protect your eyes from the uncomfortable sunlight and greatly improve your vision for the day. It is also a good idea to carry at least two different types of glasses, perhaps one for daytime and one for night vision.
You may be surprised to learn that caps are still worn.They are practical and still stylish today. At the beach, caps are essential to protect your head from the sun. If you want to look chic, don\’t hesitate to buy a straw hat.
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…. .3 Shoes for sun and water

Of course, light and open shoes are also a must. In addition to pedal boots and sandals, which you will be wearing all day,don\’t hesitate to add water shoes to your shoe rack.You will appreciate them when the ocean is not only sandy, but when you come across many rocks. They are also great for protecting yourself from coral and sea urchins that you may encounter at any moment underwater.