What about the Titanic?

More than a century has passed since the sinking of the world\’s most famous ship. [The Titanic sailed only once. We have all seen one of the movies based on this ship.Perhaps the most famous is the film Titanic, directed by James Cameron. Perhaps all that has been said about the Titanic.
– How many people were on board the Titanic?
– How many people were saved – just under 700.
– There were not enough lifeboats.
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Researchers have already answered many of these questions. Therefore, we are confident that we have a complete picture of the fate of this monumental ship. Witnesses who survived the disaster have testified to how the ship sank. It was these testimonies that the film\’s screenwriters followed; after the impact, they pulled the ship up and submerged it underwater. Interestingly, some of the survivors saw a slightly different ending. According to them, the Titanic sank without lifting. So where does the truth lie? For the filmmakers, the first option was certainly more interesting.
o A truly evocative scene of passengers falling from the top of a floating ship.

The next question is whether the ship actually fell apart just prior to its demise. How to explain that everyone is claiming something completely different? It is simple. Because of the shock, what they remembered must have been a little different. That is not unreasonable.
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The Hidden Truth
When the wreck was finally discovered in 2005, several unanswered questions were answered. When the wreck was examined by researcher Roger Long, he was convincedthat the Titanic was destroyed at a low angle, not a high angle. Moreover, it was still afloat. Only then did the ship sink.
– The scene of unfortunate people falling from the broken ship is, in his opinion, utter nonsense.
The theory that the ship cracked was confirmed shortly after by the archivist of the Harland & Wolff shipyard, where the Titanic was built. However, everything was supposedly kept secret so that the company\’s ships would not appear to be unsafe enough.