Why do we divide housework into men and women?

It is clear that we need to take care of the household so that it does not fall apart. And the basis of this is all sorts of household chores. But today, emancipation and equality between men and women is declared, but in many ways it is not. This includes, among other things, the division of housework. This is not as uniform as it should be.

In the traditional idea, men are the breadwinners who bring money, and women take care of the household. This has been the case for much of history. But today, if the family wants to make a living, it is necessary for both partners to go to work. But this should also mean that they are sharing housework. However, this is not usually the case. They are usually divided into what we perceive as men and what we consider to be women. And between them there is a fairly large gap.

praní prádla je ženská práce

In many families, a woman is expected to do cooking, washing or even basic cleaning, in addition to her job. Then the man takes care of a small repair. This may seem like a fair point before you understand how often you need to prepare food and how often you fix something. Not surprisingly, many women basically have a “second shift” after work, regardless of which partner has what working hours. For example, if a man decides to cook, then this is almost the cause of celebration.

úklid obvykle obstarává žena

Of course, it is true that more and more couples share these jobs in the same part, but this number is only slowly increasing. Therefore, it is still an exception to the rule. Therefore, it is not surprising that women experience fatigue and frustration much more often than men, especially when adding children to this. Their care also rests mainly on the shoulders of women.

What can we do about it? The only solution is to talk about this problem so that this situation is no longer considered normal. Yes, we can meet a lot of resistance, even from some women, but we have to persevere. That alone changes the situation.